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Minerets is building applications for such mobile platforms as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Minerets; is a wireless technology company that focuses on developing wireless mobile solutions. Minerets vision is to become a household brand for mobile lifestyle. And if faith creates miracles, we at Minerets have all the faith in achieving our goals and shaping a wide spread adaption worldwide. In a world full of competition and a continuous moving landscape of technology; we can pitch in our contribution towards making our lives easier and more productive; towards making a difference.



Using Dynamic systems development method (DSDM) to develop the solution, engage with customers in the process of design and implementation.

During the contract relationship we remain flexible, adapting to change and using customer feedback to adjust the service.

Our aim is to ensure that the solution is optimized in its effectiveness for the business, and agile in the way it is developed.


We design the application to be neutral platform to adopt the changes in the business. one version to all to match the regular update and the new feature enhancement .


We are keen to provide integrated services so we are keen to provide all devices that are compatible with our applications and solutions in addition to specialized printing devices for several fields.

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The Strategic Partner To Mobilize Your Business

Our vision is “To Become a Household Brand for Mobile Lifestyle”. Through the introduction of disruptive mobile technologies, Minerets aims to create more choices of mobile applications that revolutionize the mobile lifestyle and workplace around the world. To have a wide spread adoption of Minerets that makes an evolution of neutral platform, intelligent yet easy to use and quick to satisfy users’ needs. Our vision is to develop integrated, high quality, cost effective and reliable wireless business solutions that are compatible with various wireless technologies, for myriad mobile computing applications. A platform neutral, intelligent and secure yet cost effective solutions that meet the myriad necessities of the 21 century businesses.

Minerets Solutions

Streamlined Solutions for Your Business Needs

Explore Minerets’ suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of business operations. From vehicle service station management to intelligent sales automation and comprehensive reporting, our innovative technologies empower businesses to optimize efficiency, productivity, and profitability


A comprehensive enterprise-level system that manages vehicle service station operations with multi-language, currencies, and countries.


A Comprehensive Salesforce Automation Suite With Intelligent Management Tools And Best-Practice Sales Implementation.


Mobile app for company customers providing sales order and customer financial statements.


A Smart Solution To Manage Your Merchandizer, Screening Your Market And Act Fast!


TaxEx is designed to help you save time, money, and hassle on your tax compliance.


Manage Business Operational Exceptions With Your Fingerprint.

Eagle Eye

The right tool to manage your field sales team by exception and to manage supervisor field activities.


Comprehensive and interactive reporting experience


A Complete Suite To Automate Authoring, Surveying, And Field Data Collection.


Powerful tool that can handle large amount of data of your sales forecast on multiple level on the web.


Centralized, hardware-neutral point of sales system shipped with product details for quick go to market

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Minerets is a ZATCA-approved vendor of taxation software solution, TaxEx, which is 100% compliant with Phase 2 regulations and guidelines.

GITEX in Dubai

As we used to be every year at GITEX in Dubai, This year we will be as will, and you can visit us to know more about us and the services.

Efficient Solutions for Success

Our Approach

Efficiently research, analyze, and implement tailored solutions for enhanced business performance and profitability.


Search for solutions that are integrated, efficient, cost-effective and compatible with your business.


Analyzing objectives and finding appropriate technical means for the working environment.


Find solutions and devices compatible with your various operations in the work system.


We provide you with the right tools to control various technical processes to ensure the achievement of objectives.


We help you find the results and evaluate performance to ensure access to the highest profitability.


Explore innovation and connectivity with Minerets. Trust us for excellence, flexibility, and satisfaction.

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