A comprehensive enterprise-level system that manages vehicle service station operations with
multi language & currency, multi countries, and supporting mobile applications for managers.

Service Enhancement Solutions

Enhance service quality with PMS and spare part compatibility.


CCTV Vehicle Recognition

Loyalty & Referral



Vehicle Service Station Management System

MAC is POS and vehicle service station management system that supports multi-country, multi-currency and multi-language interface. This neutral platform system provides comprehensive functionalities covering all the required operations in vehicle services stations in addition to Auto Recognition of License Plate & Vehicle Registration, Realtime CCTV Vehicle Recognition, Fleet Management, Referral & Loyalty Programs, Inventory & Sales Operations and Labor Rates & HR.

Key Benefits

Streamlining Processes for Enhanced Efficiency.

Enhance service quality.

Enhance service quality

Reduce service errors.

Reduce service errors

Increase customer satisfaction.

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce human errors with data entry auditing and validation.

Reduce human errors with data entry auditing and validation

Reduce out-of-stock spare parts.

Reduce out-of-stock spare parts

Increase cashflow with regular cash settlement.

Increase cashflow with regular cash settlement

Increase profit with better labor and part costing.

Increase profit with better labor and part costing

Enhance service station management operation.

Enhance service station management operation

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