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The Minerets Support System employs a comprehensive notification system to keep users and support teams informed about critical actions. Here’s an overview of the notifications triggered for various events.

The Minerets Support System boasts a robust notification system designed to ensure seamless communication and keep both users and support teams informed about critical actions and updates. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the notifications triggered for various events:

Create a Customer User:

Users receive prompt notifications upon successful creation of their accounts, ensuring they are promptly informed about their new access credentials and system access.

Create a Ticket:

Customers are promptly notified upon successfully creating a new support ticket. This notification furnishes details about the created ticket, confirming its submission and providing reassurance that their support request has been received and acknowledged.

Reply to Ticket:

Customers are kept informed when their submitted tickets undergo updates or modifications.


Customers receive timely reminders, enhancing user engagement and ensuring critical tasks are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Customer-Initiated Reminders:

The system allows customers to send reminders to the support team for follow-up or assistance, facilitating seamless communication and proactive engagement between customers and support personnel.

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