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Create a New Ticket Form

The “Create New Ticket” form provides a streamlined process for users to submit their queries, concerns, or requests to the support team. Below are the key components of the form:

  • Subject: A concise title summarizing the purpose or topic of the ticket.
  • Description: A detailed explanation or description of the issue, request, or inquiry. Users are encouraged to provide relevant information to facilitate accurate and efficient resolution.
  • Category: Selection of a predefined category that best aligns with the nature of the ticket. Categories may include system issues, new requests, integration issues, report issues, training requests, sales inquiries, among others.
  • Products: Selection of the product related to the ticket.
  • Severity: Indication of the severity or urgency level associated with the ticket. Options typically include low, medium, or high severity, allowing users to prioritize critical issues accordingly.
  • Attachment(s): Option to attach relevant files or documents that provide additional context or information related to the ticket. Attachments may include screenshots, error logs, or supporting documentation.
  • Terms & Conditions: Checkbox requiring users to acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined by the support system. This ensures compliance with established policies and guidelines.
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