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The Minerets Support System Dashboard serves as a central hub where users can effortlessly monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and track essential ticketrelated metrics. Tailored to meet the needs of different user roles, the dashboard provides insightful data to facilitate informed decision-making and enhance support operations efficiency.

Customer Dashboard Overview:

The Customer Dashboard offers a comprehensive yet concise overview of recent metrics and ticket statuses, empowering users with the necessary information to stay informed about their support interactions. Here are the key features:

KPI Display

  • The Customer Dashboard prominently displays recent metrics such as “Active,” “Released,” and “Recently Closed (N Days),” offering real-time insights into the status of support tickets.
  • The “Recently Closed” metric specifically reflects tickets closed within the defined timeframe (7 days), providing users with up-to-date information on recent ticket resolutions.
  • Users can conveniently click on any KPI block to navigate directly to the ticket list, automatically filtered to display tickets corresponding to the selected KPI, streamlining access to relevant support information.

Chart Visualization

  • Interactive charts within the Customer Dashboard visually represent ticket distribution by severity and status, allowing users to grasp support ticket trends over time at a glance.
  • Filters are available to customize the chart view based on specific timeframes, enabling users to tailor the visualization to their preferences and focus on pertinent data points.
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