Submission & Confirmation

Upon successful submission of a ticket through the support system, users are presented with a confirmation screen that acknowledges the completion of their request. This confirmation screen provides essential details and options to ensure a seamless experience. Below are the key components of the confirmation screen:

  • Customer Ticket ID: A unique identifier assigned to the submitted ticket, allowing users to track and reference their inquiry or request in subsequent communications. The Ticket ID serves as a reference point for both users and support staff.
  • Customer Email: Display of the user’s email address associated with the submitted ticket. This information confirms the identity of the user and ensures accurate correspondence regarding the ticket.
  • Buttons for Action:
    • Create New Ticket: An option for users to initiate the creation of a new ticket if they have additional inquiries or issues to address. This button facilitates seamless navigation and encourages continued engagement with the support system.
    • Go to Ticket List: A convenient shortcut that redirects users to the ticket list or dashboard, providing immediate access to their submitted tickets and allowing them to monitor progress or follow up on existing inquiries
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